Article World’s first real-time speech analysis on children reading Dutch

World’s first real-time speech analysis on children reading Dutch

Dutch publisher Malmberg and ITSLanguage are proud to lift the veil on several years of research and software development.
We’re the first in the world to perform real-time speech analysis on children reading Dutch. Efforts are now concentrated on finetuning the feedback towards children (balancing amount and strictness of feedback versus fun to read) and completing the TUTO reading platform for the Dutch classrooms.
A workshop is provided on the project at the upcoming Malmberg onderwijsadviesdag.

What’s in the video

In the beginning and end of the video, you’ll see footage of our pilot in the classroom, gathering data for our machine learning algorithms.
In the middle of the video, you see 2 actual screencasts of TUTO.

  1. First, the child is read to in a natural voice along with visualization in the prompt of the word being pronounced.
  2. Next, the child speaks and TUTO assesses the speech in real-time. If nothing happens, it’s all fine and within the error margins we tolerate for this grade. If we detect a too big phonetic change, missing words (demonstrated in this case) or any other fault category we’ll trigger feedback. We make sure a pupil can’t get stuck in a feedback loop to not ruin the joy of reading.
  3. (Not shown) These statistics can inform the teacher about the pupils who need extra instructions and provide a quick overview in dominant error category per pupil.

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