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Speech recording

Speech recording

Streaming speech recording, high quality audio recording to the Cloud. Via a unique link audio files can be retrieved from and shared with any internet enabled device.



  • For fast transfer and processing files
  • Storage of uncompressed high-quality sounds in cloud
  • Instant listen back and audio retrieval through a link
  • Browser-based components for desktop and mobile
  • Secure authentication and advanced via rest API
  • JS SDK and reference implementation


  • Quickstart implementation of
    basic functionality and the option to use
    advanced features later

  • Pay per user, no software
    development investments in

  • High performance and scalable
    to millions of users

  • A robust solution that works well under
    both fast and poor internet conditions

  • 24/7 hours Service Level
    Agreement and support on
    location when necessary

  • Solid starting point for
    using speech and
    language technology as
    next step

Pronunciation assessment
  • License price €0.63
  • Hosting costs €0.23
Per user/ year €0.86
Speech recording
  • License price €0.19
  • Hosting costs €0.09
Per user/ year €0.28
Speech Recognition
  • License price €0.32
  • Hosting costs €0.17
Per user/ year €0.49


The Javascript SDK for the ITSLanguage speech recognition is open source
and available on Github. Meet our software development team for a quick walkthrough.
Basic implementation will take two days. Trial and commercial API keys are available.

Browse to Github

  • Browser-based all html and no flash
  • JS SDK and Reference implementation
  • Secure authentication and advanced via rest api
  • Scalable to million of users
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