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Pronunciation assessment

Pronunciation assessment

The quality of the pronunciation of the responses is assessed real-time. The student gets a score expressed as a percentage, that represents the extent to which the pronunciation corresponds to the pronunciation of a native speaker. Besides the student gets feedback on the quality of each separate phoneme. Both the score and feedback can be tailored to the personal language level of the student.



  • Assessment of sound and of fluency
  • Scores available on PHONEME WORD, SENTENCE LVL
  • Automatic conversion from text to sound
  • Deep Neural Networks for assessment results
  • Cloud infrastructure designed for real-time assessment
  • Suitable for speech of children and adults
  • Supported language English (Dutch is coming)


  • Years of scientific research by the
    University of Sheffield is available in
    an easy to use API

  • Implementation examples for pronunciation
    assessment exercises are available. Source
    code is open source and available
    via Github

  • Experienced team and proven
    process to validate the automatic
    assessment to assure quality

  • Flexibility to implement custom user
    interaction and feedback mechanisms
    tailored to specific user groups

  • Professional research and
    a development team that is qualified to
    include more (sub)competences
    for automatic assessment

  • Privacy and processing of personal
    data in line with policy trade
    an organization of publishers, a.o data
    storage on European territory

Pronunciation assessment
  • License price €0.63
  • Hosting costs €0.23
Per user/ year €0.86
Speech recording
  • License price €0.19
  • Hosting costs €0.09
Per user/ year €0.28
Speech Recognition
  • License price €0.32
  • Hosting costs €0.17
Per user/ year €0.49


The Javascript SDK for the ITSLanguage speech recognition is open source
and available on Github. Meet our software development team for a quick walkthrough.
Basic implementation will take two days. Trial and commercial API keys are available.

Browse to Github

  • Browser-based all HTML and no Flash
  • JS SDK and reference implementation
  • Secure authentication and advanced via REST API
  • Scalable to million of users
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