Article Introducing the brand new Loudly

Introducing the brand new Loudly

Loudly has come a long way since starting out as a testing ground of our language technology. In this update we’ll show several new features and let you know Loudly is a modern digital learning environment that works on all devices and is speech-enabled. It’s ready to serve your educational content under your own brand too.

Brand new start page

An updated design is applied. It looks great on all device sizes and is pretty customizable in case organisations want Loudly in their own branding.

The start page received new searching and sorting features. It shows the recently used packages on top so users can continue where they left off.

Monetization and branding

Publisher opdendrieberg is the first to publish content in their own learning environment.

Content can be managed through our CMS or simply upload your content as ZIP (combination of assets and an Excel spreadsheet containing content).

A content package can contain a combination of free and paid chapters. Payment is instant (for the Dutch market, iDeal payments are enabled).

Take the test

Ready to play? Students can set what and how they’d like to practice the exercise with a variety of options available to allow effective learning.

When used in schools, statistics are kept and can be easily downloaded as spreadsheet.


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