Article EFRO subsidy project
Speech technology
for healthcare

EFRO subsidy project
Speech technology
for healthcare

ITSlanguage has build extensive expertise in speech technology for language learning.

The main application of our technology is for learning, teaching and assessment of speaking and oral reading skills. However, around 5% of the children have language development disorder either speaking or language understanding issues. Our technology could be beneficial for them as well.

The goal of this project is to Research and Develop speech technology for healthcare, especially speech therapy. Our approach is to build Deep Neural Network models via machine learning.
The project executes the following work packages:

  1. Specification use cases and requirements
  2. Gathering in domain data at schools and speech therapy centers
  3. Creation of data set for training models and evaluation performance
  4. Research and Development of models based on Deep Learning Neural Networks

Detailed information is available on request.

This project is partly sponsored by the European Union.

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