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Speaking assessment Dutch for Foreigners

The new language assessment center (www.nt2.nl) is used to assess ten thousands of foreigners who learn Dutch. It also includes an assessment of speaking skills. A reliable and cost effective solution was required to capture the speech and organize an efficient way of human assessment. Mirjam Haasnoot (publisher) “ We were impressed how fast the audio was stored while the audio quality is great. Besides this, the service of ITSlanguage is excellent. It only took 4 hours before the API was implemented in our environment”

    10.000 active users
    10 recording exercises
Loudly – in progress

Loudly – in progress

Loudly is a serious game with speech technology to learn vocabulary and is specially developed for schools and their students. The students practice their vocabulary, spelling and pronunciation and do self-assessments.

Scientific research with an English learning app

Scientific research proves that to make oneself understood, good pronunciation is more effective than good grammar. And that an adequate pronunciation has a positive impact on listening, writing and reading skills. Students who are in for some challenge can use the competition modus, where they can challenge themselves or fellow students and aim for the highest score.

Loudly is a didactical concept to learn vocabulary by using speech technology. Students will efficiently improve not only their vocabulary and their spelling but also their pronunciation. Unique is the option to assess their own pronunciation by comparing it with the pronunciation of a native speaker.

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