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The company

A start up with a passion for education and technology

Excellent team

We have an excellent team that covers all the necessary skills to build a product that helps us having an impact on education. We have software programmers who all have a specific passion for speech and language technology. They write the best code to create a platform that really meets the needs of our customers. We consider ourselves to be an educational technology company with qualified colleagues in language learning and we are lucky to have a talented user experience designer.

Important player

The company was founded in 2012 and although we only launched our technology in 2015, we already have become an important player in the area of speech technology in language learning software. Our technology is available for more than 100,000 students in several European countries.

Customer focused

Doing business starts with personal contact to get to know each other. We always focus on our customers; what are your expectations and how can our technology help your business? We can rely on our proved speech technology cloud services and offer mutual R&D projects. It all starts with your needs. Experience our service minded culture and how we invest in customer relationships.

State of the art

A lot of things are going on in the area of speech and language technology. In order to be leading in innovation, ITSLanguage always has intensive collaborations with the best research centers in Europe. Our technology is based on profound scientific research and is one of the most accurate and reliable solutions. ITSLanguage guarantees the quality of its services by providing her customers with the newest speech technology.

European legislation

ITSLanguage is a Dutch company located in Eindhoven. We work according to the European legislation regarding the protection of personal data. Our starting point is to have not only the ICT infrastructure but also the user data located at the customer’s side. We meet the regulations of the trade organization of publishers (GEU).

Supported by investors

Developing innovative technology takes time and money. Fortunately, our investors recognize the quality of our work and help us with realizing our growth strategy.

Want to be a part of our company?

  • Michiel Sanders
  • Kees van den Broek
  • Mauro Nicoloa
  • Wendy Woelders
  • Jogchum Koerts

If you are interested in working for ITSLanguage, there are several ways you could join our team; as an intern, a part-timer, working from home or at our office, or as a full-timer.

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