Our culture In each project we challenge ourselves to beat all the
customer's expectations


Technology is our work and passion. We love to build solutions that really matter.

We love technology

First and foremost, ITSLanguage is a place where technology enthusiasts come together. Building great software using the latest technology trends sums it up. Mastering complex Deep Neural Networks we use for our algorithms or engineering a high computing infrastructure. Walking through the office, you’ll see super sized balls, laptops running mostly Linux, a lack of a dress code and an average age of under 30.

Feels good to help society

We want to support language learners all across the world. We feel responsible to build technology as a service that scales up easily, that is robust enough to work even under poor internet conditions and that is affordable for everybody. We are proud that more than hundreds of thousands of end users already use our technology via educational products of some well-known brands; it feels good to have an impact on society.

We share the passion, learn from each other and perform

We believe that you need a passionate team to go for the best results. Even though we are still a relatively small company, we learn from each other and want to perform. Our software developers are skilled in several programming languages and have an intrinsic motivation to always experiment and look for new things. Frequently heard over the morning coffee: “Did you knew about this tool/command/language?”. We share and discuss our findings to establish a set of tools and practices for building great software today, but at the same time we are always thinking ahead. Our speech technology engineers, who are challenged to deliver excellent research and aware of the user scenarios and customer conditions, are even looking one step further into the future.

Customer driven innovation

We focus on our customers and customer driven innovation is part of our DNA. To really be able to meet the needs of our customers, we always go beyond what we see and try to reveal the hidden and unspoken user needs. We do this by observing how customers use our technology in real situations and validate what works and what doesn’t work. We prefer working closely together with our customers, starting from the first didactic concept to prototyping.

Did you know we develop educational web tools, apps and games with speech technology on top of our Speech API as well? It is our nature to make customers happy with unique solutions.

Let’s join our team

  • Michiel Sanders
  • Kees van den Broek
  • Mauro Nicoloa
  • Wendy Woelders
  • Jogchum Koerts

You can join the team in any way that suits you. As a side job where you put in any amount of hours from our office or your home. As an internship or a full time job.

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