Article A stronger ITSLanguage

A stronger ITSLanguage

ITSLanguage B.V. has been developing and refining its language technology for several years. During those years, the University of Sheffield performed research and produced great results. Also, d-centralize B.V. was the software development partner integrating research into a production quality services as SAAS.
The need for software development expertise would only increase in the future. Therefore, it made sense to integrate ITSLanguage B.V. into d-centralize B.V. to give it more and guaranteed access to this expertise. Which we did by the end of 2018.
Since that time, the development team grew and now includes Giovanni, Swati, Nader and Redmar. This allows us to remain focused on speech technology for language education. It also allows us to expand our horizons towards providing speech technology for healthcare  (speech therapy). Recently, Auris became our first client in that domain.

We’ve build some really great technology. Over the next few months, we’ll be focusing on getting these out as demo-able products, one by one.

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