Innovative speech technology

Innovative speech technology

for learning, teaching and assessment

Digital educational tools that implement the speech technology of ITSLanguage become (more) intelligent and interactive. Our technology adequately meets the needs of companies that feel strongly about speech and reading skills, e.g. innovative educational publishing companies and companies that develop tests or educational software.

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Together with our partners we have knowledge and experience concerning speech and language technology for decades. All we have learned in the educational market is, with minor adjustments, applicable to other markets. We love to explore with new business partners who are leading in their market. We also help along promising startups with new concepts that have an impact on our society.

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Designed for education

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Pronunciation assessment

The quality of the pronunciation of the responses is assessed realtime. The student gets a score expressed as a percentage, that represents...

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Speech recording

Streaming speech recording, high quality audio recording to the Cloud. Via a unique link audio files can be retrieved from and shared with any...

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Real time closed vocabulary speech recognition to convert audio into text optimised for language learners. It enables students to respond...

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Research and development of speech and language technology. Advanced Deep Neural networks are applied to meet your specific business needs....

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Reading and Speaking Exercises

The Bingel platform ( is an award-winning adaptive learning platform for primary education. It is actively used by +80% of all pupils in primary education in Flanders and available in Wallonia, Sweden and Finland.Lieven Bossuyt (product owner Bingel) “Pupils learn from listening back to their own recordings and comparing it with the native speaker. They are more aware of the pronunciation and try to mimic it. Besides this, they like it and practice more in their own place and environment, resulting in better pronunciation”

Loudly – in progress

Loudly is a serious game with speech technology to learn vocabulary and is specially developed for schools and their students. The students practice their vocabulary, spelling and pronunciation and do self assessments.

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